Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fair-Minded Perspective...

Sometimes I do have to wonder about some people. I'm not sure what niggled me more last night when I got home from the Valley and caught up with the fallout from the defeat via Twitter; the harsh nature of the loss or the reaction from some so-called 'fans'. A great example last night of social media at it's very worst. It was still rumbling on this morning. People are entitled to their opinions, of course, but when that opinion is so wide of any reasonable mark I will always struggle with you. 
Emotions run high and I was as disappointed as any fair-minded Addick would be to see us loose to 10 very average men after having so many chances to win the game twice over, but the fact is, some people really need to look at themselves in the mirror and get a reality check. Abusing the players and calling for Chris Powell to be sacked is moronic at best. It beggars belief. There are some very shallow people out there with very short memories.
Such are the fine lines, the reaction would have almost certainly been different if we'd grabbed an equaliser. Brilliant! So we'd have been a point better off. 
Before I go on, let me tell you my standpoint, and it makes for pretty simple reading...
Charlton have a number of players that are looking increasingly like they are struggling to make the required impact in the Championship. Fact! But the harsh reality is the club doesn't appear to have the finances to go out and buy the level of quality we may require, even if it was readily available. Where this leaves us is that without serious investment we will do well to finish towards the bottom of mid-table this season. All of this I can accept as I can see genuine effort and commitment. I support those players representing my club. I don't question the desire of one of them. 
If you set your standards higher than a mid-table (at best) finish this season, you're a fool.
Not being quite good enough does not mean you don't give a shit.
Ironically, if you've bothered to read this (and I do not hide the fact that this was posted simply to get something off my chest) then I know 100% you will agree with me. But please use the comment section below if you don't.
Through thick and thin. Highs and lows. I've seen so many frustrating, heart-wrenching nights like last night and I know I will face many, many more down the years. But it's all about perspective. I've also seen the highs and value it so much more as a result.
I wonder how many of those idiots kept up their 'support' through those recent dark years. As someone who never gave up I am proud to be amongst my fellow fair-minded Addicks who defended the team on Twitter. Thankfully, I'm amongst the majority. 


  1. What a fantastic spread of Anonymous comments. Cheers to the two who offered brief but supported comments. Many thanks to the Millwall / Palace fan who offered his thoughts via the use of industrial language and in doing so helped make my point!

  2. Excellent points and mostly agreed but even I would say a little too harsh. 5-6 injuries to first team squad players this season and easily deserved to win both Blackburn and Watford games. That would put us 8th in the table. On what I have seen so far this season I have no worries that we will finish top half. We possess the ball, create chances and the majority of time look solid and competitive. The only thing that is missing is a bit of luck and finishing. It can and most doubtably will come. Tactics look spot on for my money. I find it ironic that when we are holding the ball certain fans shout 'FORWARD!', when it is hit forward they shout 'KEEP IT!'. Obviously fans without much game time under their belt. Teams have gone on to do great things from worse positions and much later on in the season. I do not for one second see any of the players looking dejected at the fact that they can't compete or win; more likely that they are frustrated. CP looks calm and collected and against Watford I would not have swapped a single player from their team sheet on to ours. FACT! 10 points from the top of the league with 37 games to go and people in your section calling for CP's head or unneeded subs. One word... JOKERS!