Monday, 22 October 2012

Stay Strong Kish...

It's quite normal for me to pen a few words on the Monday morning after a weekend game, but I'd be embarrassed to harp on about the disappointments of Saturday's performance and result after the news broke last night that our former midfielder, Radostin Kishishev, has lost his young wife to cancer. Krasimira was just 38 years old and leaves behind two young sons. News like this certainly puts things into perspective. So desperately sad.
I can recall some years back watching a League Cup match at The Valley and, as is my habit on such occasions, I decided to get a seat in the West Stand for a change. It never took me long to realise that sat directly behind me was Kish's wife and I will always remember just how vocal and passionate she was every time Kish went anywhere near the ball. She seemed to take as much pleasure in a strong challenge as you might imagine Kish would have! I can't even remember anything else about that game, not even the result, but I do remember Kish's wife.
In every respect Kish epitomised the Charlton spirit in a glorious period for the club and he was hugely popular with those fans who could recognise his role in the team. He will need every ounce of that fighting spirit now.
Stay strong for your two boys, Kish. Our thoughts are with you.    

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