Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Long Road Ahead...6 Months To Go

It's been nearly a month since I secured a place in next years London Marathon and my training preperations gently build towards the biggest physical challenge I'm ever likely to undertake. Perhaps more importantly, despite having some early doubts as to whether I was passionate enough about running that sort of distance, I have finally got my head around the idea and I'm really up for the challenge now.

As I already run approx. 16 miles over 3 runs per week I've not really felt a huge hit in the training regime as yet. I've taken advice from runners (Charlton's own @strayslacks amongst them via Twitter) and the common theme has been to add around 10% in distance to one of those runs each week. So far, I'm up to 8.7m and feeling really good. In fact, it is obvious to me that my biggest challenge at this early stage is to reduce my pace to something suitable for 26 odd miles as I'm currently running 8 miles in a similar pace to that which I'd normally do 4 or 5 miles in.

Mentally I'm in my element with the thought of those long runs alone! I've had so many offers of people willing to act as a training partner, but I've happily turned them all down! Running this marathon will be the most selfish thing I ever do. From the moment I got the acceptance letter to the moment I (hopefully) cross the finishing line I will be on my own: alone with my own thoughts.

I've not set any finishing time targets for myself just yet, but I will over time. Nor have I given any deep thoughts to what charity I may run for. I'm really not good with the whole 'please sponsor me' thing. On the other hand, my incentive for running is easy. I shall complete this challenge out of respect for my Granddad and what he and his companions went through in the Far East during the second world war. My Granddad Thomas was taken by the Japanese in Garoet, Java (Indonesia) on the 9th of March 1942 and was held in appalling conditions for nearly 4 years. The death rate was around 30% for those British soldiers captured, but my Granddad somehow held firm and came home to his family. Having researched what they went through, I will never have any idea how he never gave up.

Trust me, 7 months of training and 26 odd miles will be completed without a single complaint.  


  1. I've ran London 7 times and enjoyed each immensely, it's hard, but a great achievement. I'm retired from running full marathons these days as I've gone back to cycling, but I wish you all the luck in the world.

    I'm hoping to get selected for the RideLondon 100 myself next year, only 20,000 places so I've got my fingers crossed that I get lucky.

  2. Cheers EA. Enjoying the training at the moment, but that may change when I get into the longer routes.