Saturday, 24 August 2013

Great Weather For Ducks...

Just when you think you've seen it all, football throws up another day to remember. Unfortunately this time it's for reasons you'd rather just forget. Weather conditions stopped play at the Valley for the first time that I can recall in nearly two decades.

Of course, if you're an Addick it may well have been a blessing as Charlton looked woeful and out of sorts once again, finding themselves 3-0 down before the young and inexperienced ref suspended play for half an hour so even more rain could fall on the pitch. The nature in which we conceded each goal was embarrassing, although full credit to Doncaster for starting brightly, getting on with the conditions and taking their chances. I try very hard to be positive, but I'm really concerned at the form of our defence. Wiggins, Morrison and Solly were poor and Hamer should put as much effort into concentrating on his duties than he does moaning at the ref.

There is little question that once Church had pulled one back for Charlton the tide was turning, if you pardon the pun, especially as Doncaster were reduced to 10 men just before the half time break. Nobody could say whether we'd have got back in the game, but given the bizarre nature of the day it wouldn't have surprised me. In fact, knowing Charlton's luck we'd have gone 4-3 up and then the ref would have abandoned the match!

On the plus side, young Cousins looked decent and it's a shame his full debut will be erased from the record books. Hopefully he gets another chance soon.

Match day announcer, Dave Lockwood, rightly pointed out via twitter after the game that the name of our ground hints to why we may struggle to cope with heavy rainfall, especially given that water does not run up hill! Perhaps if our ground was names 'the Hill' I'd happily accept the criticism that our ground staff never done enough. The true fact is (and you couldn't judge this unless you was there) that an army of workers could not have improved matters to a waterlogged pitch when the rain continued to fall heavily. Contrary to the opinion of some fans from Doncaster - who clearly weren't at the game - the rain never even looked like stopping and the play had long since been reduced to a farce before the ref called the game off from the safe surrounds of his dressing room at half time.

Weather...ahem....whether or not it was 'unsafe' to continue could be gently debated over a post-match pint, but the fact the ball wasn't always rolling true and would occasionally stop dead when it should bounce confirms the decision was 100% correct, no matter how tough it is on Doncaster. You do have to feel for them, as they will have to revisit SE7 once again, most likely on a Tuesday night when travel for their fans will be tougher, and to make matters worse, the slate will be wiped clean and the game will start zero - zero.

I did have to laugh when the PA played 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me' by Travis after the suspension in play...

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