Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sadly Lacking...

Writing this, I'm reminded of just why I love the closed season so much. No spoilt Saturday nights ruined by poor performances and disappointing results. 

If you was at the Valley today you'll know only too well how bad we were. If you wasn't, you'll just have to take our word for it. Not at any moment did Charlton look like they could manage to string three passes together, let alone attempt a decent shot on target. Disjointed, lacking in quality and perhaps most worryingly of all, missing that passionate fight that has bridged many a gap where technical ability has been lacking on occasions. Have our League One heroes ran out of steam?

Wiggins, so often the galloping marauder down the left, looked flat and unsure of whether to stick or bust, Solly, similarly, looked unwilling to commit going forward with the unpredictable Green in front of him. I said midweek that we should be cautious in calling for Green's inclusion, and I can't help wondering if Wilson would have been the better option today. It is obvious why Powell prefers Pritchard on the right, that's for sure. Johnnie Jackson returned in the centre of the park but had no impact as he and Gower failed to grab hold of the game. Up front Kermorgant huffed and puffed in typical fashion, but other than a weak left foot shot and a header over the bar, never once looked a threat. Sordell looked disinterested at best. If his abject performance is down to fitness, then I will reserve judgement.

The comedy of errors that lead to Boro's goal, starring Gower and Hamer, was nothing short of embarrassing. Boro were only marginally better than us, which rubbed salt into the wounds.

Only Dervite came away with any credit today. His performance was actually worthy of praise. Church came on and zipped about enthusiastically, and after his brace midweek he must fancy his chances of starting next Saturday against Barnsley. An effective front pairing for the Addicks looks some way away.

The only thing worse than today's performance was those idiots who booed the team at the final whistle. After a performance like that the team must accept a level of criticism, but we are only two games in, after all. Things can change quickly in football. Before next Saturday Powell must work out how to get the best from the resources he has and get our season underway. How Charlton could do with another result even half as good as the last time we visited Oakwell...


  1. I know you have kept your powder dry on this Ted, but all is not well behind the scenes. Powell would have moved Green on this summer but was given no funds for replacements. Same applies to Stephens and Hollands, so he has to work with what he has got.

    Worrying Re Solly and Wiggins form, and I also worry that Powell's obvious man management skills are now being impacted by the toxic atmosphere around the non playing aspect of the club.

  2. I agree, CA. Worrying times.

    But could the issue be much deeper than a lack of funds from the owners? With so many players out of contract at the end of this season, I wonder how many have turned down moves - thus denying Powell a chance to bring in fresh faces - knowing they can walk away for free and command greater signing-on fees next summer. Dare I say it, but could Solly, Wiggins and Stephens fall in to this category?

    I met Danny Green by chance earlier in the summer and he was quite open about Powell suggesting he could leave if the offer was right (although I should point out his preference was to stay and fight for his place). Now I'd be surprised if there wasn't offers, so are we to believe that Charlton have turned them down or Green himself, who may struggle to command the same salary elsewhere?

    To have something like 17 players on less than 12 months of their contracts may hint to why our performance levels have dropped.