Saturday, 13 December 2014

Awkward Mess...

Losing in such heartbreaking fashion to Ipswich in the last home game was a sizable kick in the nuts that spoilt yet another Saturday night. Tonight I feel worse. Much worse. At least Ipswich were decent, but to draw against a really poor Blackpool team after such an awkward mess of a performance is tough to accept, and why should I? 
Just two wins since September is bang on average, and I would hazard a guess we've thrown more points away from a leading position this season than we've won by winning games outright. In reality, it is very worrying. The endless stream of draws are getting desperately boring.
Big Bob, please have the bollocks to go for a win. Roll the dice. Be brave.
I'm no tactical genius, but I have no idea what formation we played today at any stage of the game. I can safely say none of them worked. Yes we have players out through injury and limited options to replace them, but we had enough today to beat a Blackpool side that will go down. And how we missed Johnnie's leadership and drive today. The naysayers may not accept that, but they'd be wrong. Solly may be one of our most consistent performers, but he is no leader of men in the same way a Kinsella was and a Jackson is. As much as I'm a huge fan of Gomez, Solly should have been at right back. I would love to know what Wilson has done to piss off Peeters.
Cousins delivered one solitary piece of magic that ordinarily should have deserved to win a game of football, but ordinary Charlton don't do magical endings these days.
Charlton's poor performance was somehow upstaged by the referee, who was truly woeful from start to finish. I never saw any offence for the free kick that lead to their late, late equaliser, but either way Pope should have dealt with the delivery better, just as he should have for their first. Davies took his chance well and arguably deserved his goal. He's the sort of player Charlton need.
Up the other end, Igor continues to fade away; a shadow of his former self. Why?  
And I really resent feeling this way tonight as my Saturday could not have started better. My young son's under 8's academy team grabbed a late winner in a tense game that left us mums and dads on the sidelines hugging each other in utter delirium. My boy came to the Valley with me today; I wanted our Saturday to be perfect. Thanks Charlton.
Ironically, Charlton actually climbed the table after this result. Moving up one place to 10th when, for the first time this season, I looked nervously at just how close we are to being dragged into the battle at the bottom. No immediate panic, in all truth, but we need to be very careful. This season is in danger of playing out in the most mediocre fashion imaginable...or perhaps much worse.
December could be painful, but January will be a big, big month. Mr. Duchatelet, over to you. What ambition do you have for my club?

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