Thursday, 11 December 2014

Five Years...

A little over five years ago I was sat at work waiting for a meeting that had been delayed at short notice. With time to kill I began reading a few Charlton blogs to catch up with opinions on the one-zero win against Southend at the Valley on the Saturday beforehand. Time passed, a few cups of coffee drunk, and the next thing I know I've spontaneously created this Hungry Ted blog site and posted my first piece! Within a short while the post appeared on Forever Charlton and I had received a smattering of views.

Like most blogs, this site has always been a very personal way to get things off my chest (hence the 'mind state' bit). Whether anyone reads anything I wrote is as irrelevant today as it was when I started. I've never been tempted to write solely for an audience (this piece aside), which is why you do not see me attempt detailed match reports (I also figure that most of those reading this blog will have been to the game anyway). None the less, my readership numbers have slowly grown over the years to a modest level that always surprises me and I'm always very grateful to anyone who drops by and more so anyone who takes the time to comment. 

I don't make a habit of looking back over what I've written, but a quick retrospective for the benefit of this small piece highlights perfectly the highs and lows of following Charlton. Sometimes my writing serves as a great indicator of just how low I must have been at times, particularly in that period when I realised we wouldn't make promotion from League One at the first time of asking and when the horrible realisation set in that there would be plenty of very dark days ahead. But sometimes I look back on pieces I've written with genuine pride as they document perfectly (for me) those happy memories I would prefer to recall from time to time, particularly those written around the time of winning League One.

Blogging, as anyone who has done it long enough will tell you, can weigh very heavy, even if you're writing very personal thoughts. I've told you things, dear reader, I've not even told 'er Indoors, but then again, you can simply click away from me, whereas 'er Indoors and my two kids have had to put up with my dark moods and over-exaggerated excitement down the years. Thankfully, my Mum is as Addickted as I am, and her companionship supporting this club means everything to me. I know she occasionally drops by this blog to see what's going on inside her sons head!

How long I keep this blog running remains to be seen. In my opinion blogs do have a life-span. I've never once forced out a piece and that has meant that during busy work periods in particular my posts have remained occasional rather than regular. The subject matter will always remain and there is much to look forward to at Charlton at present. The new-look team is performing above my expectations on the pitch under Bob Peeters enthusiastic management and hope has returned, albeit embraced cautiously (nothing new there). Concerns may still remain with some about the identify of the club under the new owner, but only the passing of time will tell on that. For the record, I've seen enough positive signs to think we'll be OK under RD's ownership.

In one of my personal favourite posts from January '11 I wrote "My heart aches with a desire to see Chris Powell lead my favourite football team to glory". I saw that happen and was able to document it here. Dreams do come true. Perhaps if I say the same about Big Bob in future posts we may be on to something.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Happy 5th Birthday Hungry Ted!

  2. Congrats Ted. Blogging is a labour of love for sure, but the satisfaction from writing things down can never be underestimated, and then if people read them, well....

    Keep up the great work. We'll have that beer one day.

  3. I'm a regular Ted - one of the better Charlton blogs.

  4. Thanks for the comments, Pedro45, CA and Dave. Very much appreciated.

    CA - you're correct about that beer. One thing I should have added on the piece is that I've been fortunate to meet some very good people as a result of this blog, some of whom I'm pleased to call friends now. At the very least, that alone has made the last 5 years of writing worthwhile.

  5. Happy anniversary Ted ! Always enjoy reading your blog especially when you add references to ale ! Beer and Charlton - a fine combination !

    1. Too true, Phil! I'm off to Copenhagen again in early Jan on a boys beer beano so you can expect some more beer-related posts!!!