Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Moving On...

If there's one thing that has divided Addicks recently it's the suggestion that we should all 'move on' from the recent heavyweight disappointments of  loosing Kermorgant, to a lesser extent Stephens, but most certainly Chris Powell. Add to this the on-going concerns about the loss of identity of our club since Duchatelet took over and Addicks are understandably restless.
It seem some fans cannot accept the thought of 'moving on' as they believe to do so would be to somehow endorse Duchatelet's worrying strategy going forward. They may also feel it would be disrespectful to the memories they hold dear of mssrs. Kermorgant, Stephens and Powell. All noble stuff and understandable to a point, but in reality, it does nothing of the sort. The term 'moving on' simply implies you will not stand still. Beyond that it means absolutely nothing so people shouldn't get too precious about it.
Chris Powell will be 'moving on', you can be assured of that, and good on him.
Alternatively, there are some that are clearly happier to forget the past and embrace the future. Amongst them are some that are even pleased with the change in management and are prepared to give Duchatelet a chance. I don't share their optimism, but I respect their view.
I can see both sides of the coin, but if pushed I would be more inclined to say that if we all took the stubborn refusal to 'move on' approach then we would never alter any of the concerns we have going forward. Our actions will speak far louder than words. It won't bring Powell back, but then it would be foolish to even dwell on that. 
Already some of the clubs more high-profile fans - all with an impressive history of campaigning for the greater good of Charlton Athletic - have come together to try and open dialogue with the club, with particular concerns regarding the intentions of the new owner and the loss of identity. Their statement can be found here. Thankfully, they are not 'standing still', but are mobilizing themselves for action.  
This subject has both fascinated and irritated me in the last week, so your views are welcome...   
My end conclusion to all this is that Charlton fans should stop bickering amongst themselves and get on with supporting the team at a time when they need it the most. Starting with tonight.


  1. I fully agree. Jackson signs, Obika in, Solly not too far away, plus a win away from Millwall. I feel positive and today is the time for the everyone to focus on the now. I am totally bored of looking backwards. It can't be influenced.


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