Sunday, 16 March 2014

South Bermondsey Boredom...

It has been a truly awful week to be a Charlton fan. Cup heartbreak and then facing up to Powell's departure made a trip to Millwall just about the last thing we needed. At one stage, as I sat enjoying a pre-match pint in the Old Loyal Britons waiting for Marco, I was genuinely tempted to sack the football off and enjoy a few more drinks instead. A good honest pint of ale was far more appealing than the high possibility of yet another kick in the bollocks.

I wasn't alone. I don't think anyone could be arsed with this fixture, including Millwall. It's the most one sided derby game in British football but it's also got to be the worst in terms of value for money. Against my better judgement Marco and I made the short trip to the New Den where we was joined by Rob. Even the atmosphere inside the ground seriously lacked effort despite a healthy turnout from the locals (I didn't think they cared about us?) and the usual threats of physical violence from the knuckle dragging, toothless Millwall fans failed to raise the pulse either.

Once again we all held our breath at who Riga would pick in goal and once again he chose the right option. Perhaps further proof that Roland isn't pulling the strings (or perhaps too early to judge?). When team selection is more interesting than the game itself you know you're on a hiding to nothing. For the 3rd game in a row Charlton failed to find the net, or perhaps most worryingly, even look like they would. Once again Sordell was preferred up top but although there is an improvement in his effort of late I question his desire to score. I want him to really look like he wants to score, but he just doesn't. On a plus side defensively we look solid enough and some of the approach play was decent albeit without an end result. Just like on Wednesday, Poyet stood out in the midfield and it is becoming increasingly frustrating that he has not been tied down with a new deal by Duchatelet. He looks an outstanding prospect and it would be a real shame to loose him on a free in the summer. The effort was there, but that alone won't be enough to save us. We desperately need goals.

I'd love nothing more to predict that sooner or later someone is going to get a real hiding from Charlton, but they're not. If Charlton do go down then the analysis as to why will not take too long. Selling Yann will be the most significant factor, but I'm left wondering if Mr. Duchatelet even realises that or whether he still stubbornly believes it was the right choice. It wasn't.

If you was editing this game for T.V then I'd be surprised if the footage lasted longer than 10 seconds and 8 of those would involve the mandatory shot of the captains shaking hands at the coin toss and then the other 2 would be the ref blowing for full time.

The police kept the Charlton fans back for 45mins after the game but they really needn't have bothered. Nobody was up for anything other than forgetting the football and getting on with their Saturday.

Upon our release we headed back over to the Old Loyal Britons via the fish and chip shop and once there I had the pleasure of meeting Charlton Live's very own Peter Finch who was excellent company. Alongside Peter, a well-spoken local and an ageing Millwall fan who was getting steadily more drunk on red wine, we spent the remainder of the afternoon and well into the evening shooting the breeze on all manor of subjects.

A very good day but a forgettable game.

Despite Charlton's perilous position, we still have up to 4 games in hand over some of the teams around us. It will account for nothing unless we pick up a win or two quickly. The relentless fixture list will see Bournemouth visit the Valley on Tuesday where our current top scorer could be back from injury. Shame he won't be playing for us.

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