Monday, 4 January 2016

Call Collymore...

I've never had the inclination to call into a radio show before, but when Stan Collymore requested Charlton fans ring his TalkSPORT show to discuss the on-going protests, I grabbed my mobile straight away. It is so important for us to take every single opportunity to get the issues at Charlton out to a wider audience.
I was half way through preparing our Sunday dinner at the time and I actually hung up after around 10 mins of waiting as I was naturally conscious of the bill (13p per min blah, blah, blah...) and getting grief from two very hungry kids! To their credit, TalkSPORT called me back immediately and said Stan really wanted to talk about it, and as no other Charlton fan had called in would I hold. I couldn't say no...
The link to the conversation I eventually had with Stan on-air can be found here: Call Collymore
Hopefully I done our cause some level of justice. To his immense credit, Stan is clearly very knowledgeable on our problems and I was very pleased he'd seen the recent shocking seminar video footage of Meire as I was very conscious of appearing to be one of those fans who spread false rumour to whip-up ill-feeling. Sadly, that's not required here.
There have been others who have taken the chance to get our thoughts and feelings across on air, and the guys behind the Spell It Out campaign have compiled them here: Spell It Out
By the way, I'm sure I confused many with the name I spoke under. I think I've explained this before, but my name is actually Rod; Ted is just an alias that has followed me around for years and years and the name I used when I first set up this blog...


  1. Very well said Ted/Rod!
    Charlton supporters once again have shown the footballing world how to effectively protest – with great coverage on radio and social media.
    Once again owners of our club have drastically under-estimated the feeling, determination, talent and organisation within the ranks of the supporters of our great club.
    Let’s kick these wasters into touch and get people in that care.
    Keep up the great work.
    Emsworth Pete

    1. Thanks for the comment, Peter. Let's hope the protests force change quickly.

  2. Well Done Hungry Ted,

    I was probably one of the last pro Roland sympathisers as he has invested money into the club and I really bought into the youth development idea . However he has been exposed and I now feel totally betrayed for putting my trust and all my positive energy in thinking that this guy was genuine and had a real desire to do things differently but still with the ambition to make us a footballing force.
    Certain fans such as your self have now galvanised the whole support and together we will somehow get there.

    Charlton Forever !

    1. Really appreciate that reply, Oligab. Good to hear the view of someone who has given RD the benefit of the doubt as I did for a while.

      I think it's a real shame, as RD is actually close to getting it right! With the work on the Valley, the pitch and the training ground he has undoubtable done some good, but his approach to the playing side of things has undone any good.

      He needs to out KM sharpish, though. She is a big, big problem.