Friday, 29 January 2016

Chris Powell on Talksport...

Following on from Kyle's typically excellent piece reflecting on Chris Powell's interview yesterday evening on TalkSPORT, I have recorded and posted up the audio. I apologies in advance for the sound quality, but I think it should be heard none the less. Whatever your personal view on the current state of Charlton Athletic, the ownership of Roland Duchatelet and the direction he and Katrien Meire appear to be taking us, some things can no longer be denied.

Click here for the interview with Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy on The Sports Bar.

The first part of the clip covers Chris' brief time at Charlton following Mr. Duchatelet's takeover. It is shocking, but everything we suspected, and our suspicions finally confirmed by a man of whom Charlton fans can have no higher respect for.

As if we really needed it, this, of course, casts further serious doubts about Mr. Duchatelet's true intentions, and the manor in which he and Meire are executing them. If there are people out there still willing to give this regime the benefit of the doubt they must be rapidly decreasing, and with it, the weight of opposition against the owner grows. 

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  1. I've always thought that RD's treatment of CP 2 years ago looked like it was designed to make him quit, so that he could get rid of him without the expense of sacking him. Last night's interview does nothing to change that.