Wednesday, 13 January 2016

When Will This Madness End?

A little over 12 months ago I witnessed this utterly disgraceful performance at Watford and lamented on an all-time low following this club. The decline since then has been steady and constant, and last night our fortunes reached the bottom of a very dark abyss.
In reality, the result of the football match was irrelevant - we're going down regardless - but what manifested itself out on that pitch as an excuse for a football team was the perfect depiction of a failed experiment that is imploding publicly in the most inglorious fashion imaginable.
The gutless Fraeye was unable to muster the self-respect required to stage a post-match interview. It's true his inevitable apologies would have been worthless, but I wanted to hear him suffer like we had. Instead, it took Henderson to show the correct level of balls and respect to front up to the reporters. Listening to this interview is very, very hard.  
It's impossible to make sense of what is happening to my club, other than to face the reality that it is dying in front of me. The murderers stand above it with blood on their hands. 
For me, the most insulting thing about Mr. Duchatelet's regime is the complete lack of accountability and the assumption we will continue to put up with it. The siege mentality shown by the patronising, ever-smirking, inept, Katrien Meire, masks what should be total embarrassment and shame in light of such obvious and continual errors, and yet, nothing, not even an attempt to calm the natives with bullshit. 
I can't even begin to imagine the level of sheer bloody-mindedness required to keep up this farcical, absurd, illogical model on how to run a football club, especially when even the football community is so unanimously critical. To me, Duchatelet's regime manifests itself as a stubborn, child-like ignorance where the more you try and tell someone their ideas are not working (and is proven by the actions) the more they persevere, cupping their ears and shouting like the crazed fools they are. 
To have an owner so neglectful of something that means so much to me is truly heart breaking.
Much of the damage that Duchatelet and Meire continue to inflict on this great club is already irreversible. Fans, young and old, are giving up; inevitably some will not return even after Duchatelet has long-since got bored of his ludicrous personal experiment and moved on.
I've said it before, but when will this insanity end and what will be left behind when it does?
Surely there can be nobody left willing to give the regime any credence? Even the idea Roland 'saved us from bankruptcy' has fallen flat in the face of our alarming demise.
I can only hope this Valley Gold statement is backed up with threats of action from club sponsors and business associates. 

Fraeye must be sacked this morning, and that includes his involvement in any other 'network' role related to matters at Charlton. Katrien Meire must resign immediately so her departure can be announced at the same time as Fraeye's. Murray must come clean about his motives and follow Meire out of the door if he can't come to his senses and tackle the immense problems he's advocated by association. Mr. Duchatelet must make a dramatic and unquestionable U-turn if he wants to retain ownership as a bare-arsed minimum, or sell-up if not (preferably the latter).
As for the protests, they must and will continue on the 23rd. They will get more intense and this regime will only have themselves to blame if some find it impossible to control their anger at what is happening.
I have never felt more able to walk away from Charlton in over two decades, but I won't. I will not boycott as I want my voice heard. I will not give up. 
Force in Unity! Forever Charlton!    

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  1. From top to bottom an utter disgrace and take the majority of lol players with you