Thursday, 14 January 2016

Red CARD To The Regime...

Full credit to all those involved in the CARD (Coalition against Roland Duchatelet) initiative that was announced yesterday. I first noticed it on Rick Everitt's twitter account, and this morning The Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust issued this: CARD Statement
CARD has been organised to bring together various fan groups and campaigners that have already had significant roles in the recent protests, notably Anti Roland Demos, Spell It Out and Rick's own Voice of The Valley, and this initiative should serve to unify and strengthen the on-going actions of fans who are justifiably dismayed at the running our club by Mr. Duchatelet and Katrien Meire.
Back in late October I wrote this small piece that suggested Meire may be relying on the dilution effects of numerous anti-regime fan groups on social media, and alluded to the fact that without a single leader, we will be a far weaker opposition to her. Something, by the way, I believe Meire is well aware of, hence her continued arrogance and disregard of the protests to date. This train of thought is obviously shared by many, and I welcome CARD's involvement in this 'battle' to get our Charlton back.
Let's hope Duchatelet and Meire rue the day they underestimated the power in unity of the disgruntled natives!
Rick, in particular, of course, has history in battling for the good of this club, and as a well know figure, his leadership will be vital. If this blog, with it's modest but much appreciated readership, can assist in any way, then I will...    


  1. Well said Ted!
    Although I’m a bit confused by the stance of the CAS Trust, why were they at the meeting just as observers?
    Do they not want to get directly involved or do they think direct action is beneath them?
    Emsworth Addick

    1. Thanks for the comment, Peter. My guess is CAST are being very careful not to 'officially' take sides so as to shut the door on any slim chance they feel they may have in dialogue with the club. Personally I think they should throw themselves behind the initiative. I'm sure most of the members would vote to do so.

  2. As a member CAST I wish the committee would throw themselves behind CARD. Surely they must realise by now that this regime will not change and any meaningful dialogue is just not going to happen. We need ALL Charlton supporters behind CARD now, perhaps the CAST committee should put their position to a vote of its members?