Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Bearded Warrior...

I recently dusted off my crayons and took part once again  in the The Football Attic's 'League of Blogs 2013' initiative. As per last years effort, football bloggers were invited to submit a home and away kit design in the style of an old school Subbuteo figure. For anyone with an ounce of football nostalgia running through their veins, this invitation to get creative was just too good to turn down.
This year I decided to create a no-nonsense, man's man of a player - most likely a centre-back or holding midfielder - that came complete with the sort of heavy facial furniture every 'proper' hardman should have: a big beard! I even gave him muddy knees from those uncompromising tackles and a facial scar from putting his head in where it hurts to over emphasise that this is a chap not be messed with. Other than his shirt number, he is everything I wasn't when I played!
If I'm being hard on myself, I frustratingly forgot one major accessory that this man should be wearing: the captain's armband. For indeed, he is a leader of men... 
The design phase...the birth of the bearded warrior
As part of the process, the favourite design as picked by those good chaps at The Football Attic got to have their kit immortalised forever in real Subbuteo player form. No, my bearded warrior never won (I'm still gutted but trying really hard not to hold a grudge), but it never stopped me contacting Adam from Fantasy Flicker and for the ridiculously cheap price of £5 I went forth and had my hard-nut talisman created in real form. The results are below...   
Grrrr...don't mess!
I already have a few ideas for the 2014 League of Blogs campaign. This time, victory will be mine!

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