Wednesday 8 April 2015

Renewed Hope...

I've gone and done it! For the 18th year running I've renewed my season ticket. I've made the expensive commitment to the club, both for myself and my young son. I will be watching matters very carefully over the summer in the hope that Mr. Duchatelet shows the right level of ambition to push this club forward. No question I'd sign up for another season: as I've previously wrote, what else would I do on a Saturday afternoon?
Retain and complement the likes of Watt, Vetokele and Gudmundsson, whilst keeping hold of our bright young stars like Gomez, Fox and Cousins, and I will not question the sanity of parting with my hard-earned cash.
In the pub before the game last night we commented on how much fun those final few home games were last season under Riga as we edged closer to survival. All good memories, but how nice it would be to have something positive to play for at this stage of the season. Last night's rather tepid affair at the Valley gave me every indication that the players already have one foot in their flip-flops, and with nothing left to play for after a difficult campaign, I guess it's going to happen. I cannot deny that even I'm getting to the stage where I'm looking forward to a summer break from the intensity of football.
With only a few weeks of this season left I can't help but reflect on a campaign that could, with only slightly differing fortunes, have ended very, very differently, at either ends of the table!

Luzon has made a difference, no question. Charlton have improved, the players look happy again. In the end we have run out of games to make something of it, but there's an air of renewed hope on the pitch. Let's hope Roland embraces that this summer.