Sunday 3 May 2015

Ambition Makes Things Possible...

And so another season comes to an end. A bright start, a truly woeful middle and, thankfully, an up-turn in fortunes towards the end. All in all, a forgettable season with few highlights and plenty of lows, some desperately so. At one stage I was convinced we would go down, so I suppose I should be happy with 12th.
Happy with 12th? Did I really just say that?
Bournemouth have shown perfectly throughout this season just what is possible with ambition and desire. They might have the backing of a very rich Russian, but they deserves huge credit for showing the sort of characteristics that money can't buy. In Eddie Howe they have one of the brightest managerial talents in the game, and I'm pretty sure he'll stick to his principles and play with attacking full-backs, traditional wingers and a 4-4-2 formation when they set off on their Premiership adventure. I for one will be wishing them all the best.
I can only hope that Mr. Duchatelet takes inspiration from the Bournemouth blueprint...
I always enjoy those moments at the sharp end of the season when there's a spontaneous eruption in the stands that is born out of something that has happened elsewhere. Sheffield Wednesday's late, late equaliser at Watford sent Bournemouth top and the away fans into delirium. When the final result at Vicarage Road handed Bournemouth the title, the Charlton fans stood as one to applaud the new Champions. It was a nice touch.
In reality, the game yesterday was men against boys. Wave after wave of Bournemouth attack could have made the zero-three scoreline far, far worse for the home side.   
I never hung around after the game. Watching the Charlton players amble awkwardly around the Valley pitch in their flip-flops celebrating mid-table mediocrity, whilst the away fans readied themselves for the greatest moment in the clubs history, was not my idea of fun. Instead I made my way over to Greenwich to enjoy an end of season drink with friends, who, unlike the football, I will miss over the summer break.
It's not like I've not seen the Championship trophy lifted at the Valley before...
The start of the new season can take as long as it wants. I can now enjoy a brief respite from having my Saturday nights spoilt by football results. I will, however, keep one eye on what's happening at the club during the close-season: hoping for any small-but-significant sign that Mr. Duchatelet fancies a bit of the Premiership action.
I'll be setting my expectation low, just to be on the safe side...
One positive for Charlton yesterday was the new kit. I like it. It might well be another off the shelf Nike number, but it has a retro feel and will be a huge improvement on this season's jersey. Let's hope the bodies that fill the shirt are worthy of the honour.
I've been pretty quiet on here lately. Work has been very busy. You can expect even less from me in the next few months (I'm confident you'll be able to cope with that devastating news). Many thanks to anyone who drops by to read my occasional posts and those that take the time to comment.
Enjoy the summer.