Tuesday 14 July 2015

Unwelcome Distractions...

Blimey! Has it really been over 10 weeks since I last dropped by Hungry Ted HQ. I've not been missed, but in all honestly, I've not missed Charlton one bit.
Since my last post I've seen a good friend of mine pass away in his sleep, my dad struck down with cancer and my step-father fall very seriously ill. On top of all of that we are in the stressful throws of moving house, so as much as I do normally like to switch off from football during the close season, this time around I've had some very unwelcome distractions keeping my mind off matters at Charlton.
Of course, I'm not completely oblivious to what's been going on, it's just that losing young Gomez to Liverpool, for example, no matter how disappointing that was, pales into insignificance to some of the things I've had to deal with of late. Some new players have come in but I've not even had a chance to digest their arrival or see where this leaves us as a squad. I will, but maybe not today...
But for the first time since May, as I drove into work this morning daydreaming as usual, I got that feeling deep inside that longed for a trip to the Valley. I was thinking about that wonderful Johnny Jackson goal against QPR from Feb '14 and how much I love those moments when the Valley erupts in utter delirium. Perhaps I am missing football now. Maybe I am ready to embrace it again. Who'd have thought it?   
Unfortunately I will miss the league opener against QPR as well as the Dagenham & Redbridge league cup game as I'll be sunning myself with family and some friends in Lanzarote. Bad planning on my part, but holidays in August are always a fixture list gamble. Even so, I can't deny I am looking forward to a holiday. 
So if you notice my seat vacant in the East Stand, please don't think I've given up on the Addicks! I'll be back at the Valley on the 22nd, ready to jump on the roller-coaster once again!