Sunday 12 December 2010

Banana Skin...

If there is ever such thing as a down side to a lengthy unbeaten run, it's the knowledge that the longer the run continues, the harder the fall will be when it inevitably comes to an end.

This game had banana-skin written all over it. Typical Charlton...we've fallen foul of that banana-skin many times in the past!

As disappointed as I am in completely wasting 5 hours of my life in what rates as one of the dullest afternoons of football witnessing one of the worst Addicks performance that I can recall, I will try and avoid getting too carried away. For the last 11 odd games Charlton have given us hope that we may be in the shake-up come the season end: I'm not about to ignore the excellent hard work of the last couple of months after today's horror show. Today is a fixture to forget, and hope and pray that come the end of the season it doesn't come back to haunt us. Time will tell.

But today there is no defence. Not one single player in red turned up. A team on a good run may be able to carry a couple of players having an off day, but not 14. Truly awful! Parky must find out why, but excuses appear thin on the ground.

The question is how well the team can recover and push on again. With another fixture on Tuesday, Parky doesn't have long to lift his battle-weary charges.

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