Saturday 4 May 2013

The Crackling Voice...

Chris Powell speaks... (image by @pedwards72)

There he stood, microphone in hand, with all his sartorial elegance. His adoring public listened. Maybe the floating fan had left - happy with their day out and content to have seen some goals and a big Charlton win - but those that remained most definitely owed Sir Chris this audience. What he has given us after so many dark years is simply incredible. The Valley totally quiet but for the words of one man.

Occasionally Powell's voice would crackle under his obvious emotion. This is his club. Every slight stumble resonated deep inside every single true Addick who'd hoped for better days. This is our club.

"We will step forward again and again; no one will stop us", he said triumphantly. Eyes glazed over and the Addickted broke out in grateful, warm applause. This wasn't the jingoistic ramblings of a man who knew how to play his audience, this is a Charlton man who cares deeply for this club.

It's not possible for me to love this man more. 

Thanks Sir Chris for another brilliant season. 3 points off the Play-Off's is beyond anything I could have hoped for this season. Thanks to the players who have carried the fight.

Very proud to be an Addick...

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