Wednesday 1 October 2014

Lead By Example...

Be honest, who was stupid wise enough to have predicted that beforehand?
Despite the unrelenting wave of yellow and green that pounded Charlton's defense time and time again, Peeters new-look Charlton impressively held firm and a late, late Johnnie Jackson goal gave the Addicks a perfect 'smash and grab' victory. As results go, it's hard to imagine there will be a more significant one all season, and one that comes against greater odds.
Back up to 7th. Still unbeaten going into October.
As Charlton's impressive unbeaten run continues, so does my poor run of non-attendance for away matches. I should have been at Carrow Road last night; I had bought a ticket. It would have been my first away trip of the season and I was very much looking forward to it. Unfortunately my wife's Granddad passed away a couple of weeks ago and the funeral was arranged for yesterday. I missed one of those classic nights that will long live in the memory of those who were there, but some things are more important than football matches. Having spent an uplifting day remembering the life of 'Granddad Mac', who stood impressively at the head of his large family well into his 80's, I was reminded of how important it is to have a leader driving you on by example.
In the same respect, Charlton are very, very fortunate to have Johnnie Jackson.
Even to this day, one of my greatest Charlton memories occurred in late '96 when, after loosing every away game up until that point, a wonderful long range Mark Kinsella goal secured a 2-1 victory over Norwich at Carrow Road. Kinsella was the quintessential captain of that time and so is Johnnie Jackson now.
For me, Johnnie remains the very essence of what 'being Charlton' is all about. All my hopes and dreams dragged forward, sometimes majestically, other times by brut force and sheer effort, by a man who I believe cares as much as I do. Read this from fellow Charlton blogger and wordsmith, Kyle Andrews. The opening few paragraphs left me glassy-eyed, the remainder a perfect piece of writing from someone who is always at the games.
When I knew I wasn't going to make the match I gave my ticket away rather than see it go to waste. The recipient would have enjoyed a great end to the night stood amongst the travelling Addicks. But, to be fair, I had a great end to a very emotional day stood alone in my kitchen listening intently on the radio, sharing numerous texts back and forth with my mum as we both urged the Addicks on, nervously expecting the worst until the last few moments.
I struggled to sleep after a long day, but I bounced out of bed this morning...     

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  1. My investment of £14.29 at 7/1 with William was rewarded with £100 profit. Can you believe 7/1 for an unbeaten team? But you're right I am stupid, passing over doubling up with Birmingham! Doh!