Monday 9 April 2012

Home Straight...

Sir Chris and his battle-weary charges return to The Valley this afternoon for a crucial but tricky looking game against Walsall. This really is a fixture that has so much at stake at both ends of the table and it won't be quite the forgone conclusion some Addicks are predicting. Once again, I'm gearing up for a nervy afternoon. I hope the Addickted remain patient: I expect Walsall to be a very stubborn obstacle to overcome and I'd take a scrappy 1-0 all day long.

With Sheffield Wed in action at home against Oldham in the early afternoon kick off, Charlton may once again feel the added pressure of their 8 point lead being reduced before they take on The Saddlers. Sheffield United don't play until tomorrow evening, and by then, I hope we will not need to pass more than a cursory glance at the result.

Elsewhere in the footballing world Charlton have slipped under the radar with almost all the focus on the battle of the Steel City teams. I couldn't care less; in fact, I think it's been beneficial to us. You have to assume one of the Sheffield clubs will self destruct under the pressure, which can only be good for Charlton.

On Saturday Charlton fans were left in no doubt this team has the desire and bottle to get over the finishing line. Down to 9 men and up against a very harsh referee (3rd on the spin?), the team remained  strong and focused enough to get all 3 points. It was total agony listening to the game on BBC Radio London. My body ached as if I had taken a good few hits myself in what appeared a brusing encounter. The relief at the final whistle was immense.  

For the first time in years I feel my hopes and dreams are being represented out there on the pitch by a group of 'real' Charlton players managed by a legend of the highest order. This is a side on the verge of writing themselves into the history books and one or two will emerge as legends to be filed alongside messrs. Mendonca, Kinsella and Powell of recent(ish) times. I've always been so, but at this time I can't be more proud to be an Addick!

Three points today and we are within touching distance of the finishing line; to within a slight extension of Sir Chris's puffed out pigeon chest. I simply can't wait to see Chris's smile stretch wider than usual across his face.

Come on you Addicks!!!

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