Friday 20 April 2012

Returning Heroes...

Even the predicted rain will not dampen the atmosphere in SE7 tomorrow as the joyous Valley faithful turn out in numbers to show their appreciation to Chris Powell and his newly-promoted team. As if that's not enough to look forward to, there could be more! If the Addicks can gain all 3 points and Sheff United fail to win, Charlton will be crowned League One Champions! What a week it's been; but it could get even better!

With the weight of expectancy lifted now promotion is assured, I expect Charlton to play with verve and a level of freedom that should ensure Wycombe are in for a very uncomfortable afternoon. It's tough on Wycombe - a club I have no ill feeling towards - as an unfortunate sequence of results could see them relegated tomorrow. It's likely there will be contrasting emotions from both sets of fans come 5pm.

I just can't stop smiling at that image of Sir Chris with his fists clenched (top right of this site). It has already become an iconic image and will no doubt be printed on T-shirts and tea cups alike before you know it. Whatever it's on, I'll have one! I can't deny having the odd glassy-eyed moment to myself this week as I relived the events of Saturday over and over in my head. Reading other Addick's accounts of the day has been a real pleasure. I'm still blown away by it all, if I'm honest.

Never a truer adage than 'you need to experience the lows to appreciate the highs'.

I'm looking forward to any further indications as to the likely recipient of the Player of The Year award. For those who may be interested, my thoughts are here. I suspect things are pretty close for the front-runners. A surprise could yet be on the cards.   

I would imagine subscriptions to CAFC Player have gone through the roof this week as fans attempted to catch up with the footage of the monumental trip to Carlisle, which included behind the scenes post-match celebrations. I am not a subscriber myself so I remain a little frustrated and disappointed that the footage has remained entirely exclusive to CAFC Player alone. 

Of course, from a marketing and money-making venture I completely understand why the footage has remained exclusive, but I don't agree with it. If your reasons for not subscribing are cash flow, then it must be a bitter blow being isolated from the celebrations, especially if your financial constraints may also hinder you from attending matches home or away. My reasons for not signing up are nothing to do with money, and, thankfully, as a season ticket holder I can look forward to Saturday knowing I'll be there in person. In fact, it's partly because I go to games regularly that CAFC Player has never really appealed to me.

Anyway, I wouldn't wish to end on a sour point, so onwards and upwards to tomorrow. I'll be heading up-town tonight for a few beers, so for me, the promotion celebration starts then.

All together now...'The Red's Are Going Up, The Red's Are Going Up...'  


  1. When you live thousands of miles away, CAFC Player is a great asset and worth every penny.

  2. Bob, thanks for the comment. Totally agree. If I lived away and was unable to get to games I'd sign up, no question.

    I just think it's a real shame that all footage is exclusive to CAFC Player, as there will inevitably people who simply can't afford to sign up.

  3. Good point Ted. Would have loved to have been in SE7 last night! Next season should be lots of fun!