Saturday 21 April 2012

League One Champions!!!

Sir Chris's charges had done their bit by beating a spirited Wycombe, but just like last week, we was left waiting for results elsewhere. A nervy minute or two passed; the players congregated in the centre circle. The Valley collectively held it's breath... 

Charlton's stadium announcer, Big Dave Lockwood, could not have captured the moment any better when he simply screamed one glorious word... 'CHAMPIONS!!!'

That moment will resonate inside my head for some time to come!

The quality's not great, but here's some footage I took for those who were unable to be at The Valley today or who may want to enjoy reliving the moment...

The Final Whistle

We Are The Champions

Valley Floyd Road

Sir Chris speaks

Unbelievable day. Unbelievable season. Forever Charlton.


  1. Thanks Ted. I'll download those videos and keep them if that's ok with you.

    The "Champions!" was just perfect and I will, also, relive that moment for, probably, years.

  2. Thanks, Ted, thats brilliant, you've brought tears to my eyes. Iberian Valley

  3. Thanks Ted..brilliant stuff..moments to treasure

  4. Thanks for the comments, fellow Addicks. Always appreciated.

    Just in case you've not seen it already, this brilliantly edited video from Mark Ritson (@MarkRizzoRitson) sums up those 10-15 mins wonderfully!